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Time:2016-11-25    Source:www.lznbwx.com    Views:2736

Apple official website on applicable to Multi - Touch iPhone6 Plus maintenance plan.

Touch the door "" iPhone6p happens to almost a year now, today, apple solution and its but solutions to heinous!

The following for the announcement, small make up take you read

Apple has determined that part of the iPhone 6 Plus equipment in many times after dropped a hard surface if further compression, screen flicker or Multi - Touch problem may arise.

This sentence is no honest mistake attitude!

"Falling on a hard surface" for many times, this means a mobile phone is broken, you not phone problem? Apple mobile phone when the design to do drop test? Normal drop is inevitable, will the iPhone hands holding to use?

"May appear screen flicker or Multi - Touch problem", why only say fault, did not say is the mainboard design defects lead to blink or Touch screen failure! )

If your iPhone 6 Plus appear afore-mentioned symptoms, but can be normal use and the screen is not broken or damaged, so Apple or Apple authorized service provider will be in accordance with the manufacturers recommended maintenance price is 1100 yuan RMB to repair your equipment. Apple authorized service provider's pricing may vary.

When I come back (translation: if your iPhone6p emerged blinking or touch screen failure, the screen is not damaged, I will allow you to pay 1100 RMB to the apple after-sales service!

True tm shameless, mobile phone design defect failure, obviously, at his own expense for consumers to pay repair! )

Apple will contact may have passed through the Apple or Apple authorized service providers related maintenance service customers to pay this problem, in order to arrange the compensation. If we haven't contact you, but you make sure it has to pay maintenance costs associated with this problem, please contact Apple.

The amount of compensation for you has already paid for the iPhone 6 Plus the upkeep and maintenance the price difference between manufacturers recommend.

(if you worked in stores or after-sales service before processing, maintenance the difference. Can you come around to make it up to you just repair the difference.)

Maintenance process

Please bring your iPhone 6 Plus to participate in this plan the Apple authorized service provider. Before we provide any maintenance, we will check on your iPhone, to verify its compliance with the conditions of the plan and can be used normally. This plan is only applicable to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Note: wireless operator partners do not participate in the plan.

(machine deserve contract, contract machine, do not have to be repaired, repair the right)

In the us on your iPhone 6 Plus before perform the maintenance process, please backup the data to iTunes or ripped.

Other information

Apple may limit maintenance area for the original purchase countries/regions.

Affected the iPhone 6 Plus equipment retail within five years since the first time all can participate in the global plan.

This announcement is not to inform consumers, exactly what went wrong, only to fall to the hard surface "many times", the responsibility to push to take off to the consumer. Solution is to consumers at 1100 RMB to after-sales maintenance. Have maintenance users, apple compensation price difference. Contract machine does not belong to the maintenance plan.

Touch the door "" iPhone6p review fault is characterized by: white lines appear in the top of the screen, touch failure, returned to normal after the lock screen to enter the system, use after a period of time will appear at the top of the white line, touch the failure. Repeatedly. Seriously affect the normal users use.

Cause the cause of the problem is not the screen is damaged, but the mainboard design flaws. GeekBar has to touch the door "" iPhone6p published articles is discussed in this paper.

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