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Use a variety of common problems in the iPhone
Time:2016-11-17    Source:www.lznbwx.com    Views:2031

1: the iPhone, why buy app store is full of English?

Solution: because the server address us by default, so no matter what version are in English, enter the Settings app store login to your account, then the page will automatically jump to China!

2: phone crash or blank screen but there are still voice calls

The solution: the power button and home button at the same time in ten seconds

7 and 7 p button under the power button and volume according to ten seconds at the same time, it is good to restart

3: why cell phone plug in headphones can call or put only can hear the sound outside, there is no sound from the receiver

Solution: press the volume button, if there is water enter is schema specification headsets, under the hair dryer to blow or paper towel wipe, import will get well soon!

About 2, 4: why signal often

Solution: 4 g signal usually is not very strong, near the tower does not explain, turn off the 4 g in full, but as long as it does not affect the phone generally ignored

5: why charging display the accessories are not suitable for

Solution: in thread, may also be the tail plug dirty contact isn't good

6: why 30% of the electricity suddenly dropped to 20%, sometimes even suddenly completely without power, plug in the charger and battery normal boot

Solution: normal once in a while, the weather is cold, will this problem is widespread, have a plenty of battery aging, especially the winter don't run out of electricity recharging, it is very important also to maintain personal, always play while charging the battery damage is very large

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