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Gansu lanzhou iPhone upgrade capacity 64 gb and 64 gb of memory
Time:2016-10-19    Source:www.lznbwx.com    Views:3323

Lanzhou local friends can be directly to the store upgrade, instant iPhone6, iPhone6 plus support site, can be the scene view.

You also in mobile phone memory is too small, space is not enough and feel depressed? To take too much photos video bother memory? Continued software, installation of a less known and inferior brand and feel helpless had to uninstall software? Can now be old to find our upgrade 64 gb and 128 gb of memory

Memory upgrade to a manual welding high a foreign technology, no more than 5 years maintenance experience is difficult to be competent, so not every repair shop can undertake upgrading business. Even know some welding technology, manual too rough also prone to desoldering, card machine, crashing, hidden problems such as, dear friends, don't easily choose the maintenance station to upgrade irresponsible, hard disk replacement failure is difficult to repair, we use the guarantee for the original chips, upgrade guarantee stable!

Given all curiosity about Iphone6 memory upgrade, we let everyone change of oral. In theory, mobile phone expansion is practicable, principle like computer replace the hard disk, expansion and phone just need to replace EMMC chip, namely we say normally ROM part. However, with the computer, mobile phone "hard" is not at liberty to change, it is "* *" and "match", if change other EMMC chip, motherboard, cannot to identify also cannot call the store.

In this regard, the iPhone is more strict, expansion is the premise of must solve the problem of the recognition and matching. IPhone 6 "hard disk, CPU, baseband, such as core chip are encrypted, activated apple to authenticate them, if the" hard "does not match cannot be activated. 6/6 Plus iPhone activation mechanism is the validation of serial number + IMEI + CPU + fingerprint identification, we only need to put the serial number part of the problem solved, can by activating validation.

Specific how to operate? The first pace machine. Is tested on mobile phone, guarantee the function is normal, then the phone flash and reactivated, see if I can success, this is also part of the test. Because a lot of mobile phones in flash will appear when the error problem, but also should have flash steps after replacement chips, if the phone itself can't flash, there is a risk that modified.

The second step teardown. Is different from the usual apart, give the iPhone 6 expansion, you just need to put the motherboard tear open come down to, don't disassembling battery, also need not open camera, so you need not worry about the battery deformation or camera into the problem of ash, it is relatively simple steps throughout the modification upgrades, skilled basically can get this done in 3 minutes.

The third step down the hard disk. To fasten on the main board, need to use air pressure gun for heating, then it is removed. This step is very high demand for technical operation, the iPhone 6 PCB is thin, in the process of operation, need the temperature has a very good grasp of air pressure gun, entirely rely on experience to judge, how high temperature, what kind of distance and Angle, what time can take down the chips, all want to have accurate judgment, not taken may cause damage on the mainboard or related chips.

Step 4 new hard drive. Before installing, for the first 128 gb chips implanted tin ball, it need to have special tools and relevant skills. Process also need to glue the chip, in order to make sure it can be more solid, try to avoid to take off the welding problem. In fact, this process than before and it's easier to remove the chip, is also higher, to the requirement of technology and experience to put it bluntly, welding well is the key to the success of a modified steps.

Step 5 to test machine. Due to change the "hard", the corresponding changes have taken place in the underlying data, this time will need to flash to boot, but also can ensure successful activation. To tell the truth, this time is more nervous in the heart, although all previous operating risks, even risk is much bigger than flash, but tend to really compete until later, nervous and looking forward to, until you see the Hello, and the final activation of success, the in the mind only.

A mobile phone after successful upgraded to 128 gb, comparing with modified before, can find the serial number and IMEI part is the same, including the MEID also did not change, prove that the serial number has been successfully written into the "hard".

Q: can you tell me the quality assured?

A: we are a professional hardware maintenance company, has years of experience in maintenance for many years, the hard disk used by Toshiba, hynix, modern, sandisk, etc. The real thing.

Q: upgrade is broken what should I do?

Answer: send a confirmation before mobile phones without a hardware failure or dark disease, can oneself good backup data first, then computer with itunes brush is a new firmware. Smooth brush to send again. Upgrade process of formal operations, an overall inspection OK again into your hands. Upgrade a few call zero risk.

Q: to do the preparation work before upgrade?

A, before upgrading to backup data, in order to avoid data loss, backup with itunes flash again, make sure no hardware problems.

Q: after upgrading to mobile phone have what effect?

Answer: to upgrade the memory capacity is bigger, the SN, model and so on all write back, does not have any effect.

Q: how long is the warranty after upgrade?

A: upgrade only the memory, we guarantee memory upgrades for 30 days.

Q: what is filled with chips?

A: apple dedicated chip, Toshiba brand, hynix, sandisk, etc

Q: how long will it take to get to upgrade? Whether to support instant?

Answer: the current memory upgrade only support iPhone6, iPhone6plus, an hour cache on the spot, the rest of the equipment are in need of 1-2 days.

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