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Lanzhou apple mobile phone repair, maintenance, expansion and iPhone upgrade memory expansion and th
Time:2016-10-08    Source:www.lznbwx.com    Views:2238

Are you will encounter in using the software can't download, insufficient memory space, can't take pictures, and every day is to delete, delete, delete, clear, clear, clear, seriously affected the use machine experience, immediately want to get a new cell phone, now have expanded memory the good news, you don't need to go because of insufficient memory will take a few thousand in the same cell phone, now you only need to pay hundreds of yuan, can I help you solve all these problems all off, your mobile phone immediately reborn: \"shotgun become cannon, beggars emperor\". From now on mobile phone can enjoy playing, free download, to take pictures!

The most concern: capacity stable? Will not affect other functions?

In fact, we have seen a lot of video and some believe that expansion of the tutorial, actually not complex, to write a serial number and flash believes that many geeks can be completed. The key is the welder. We are after some thorough research and perfect after repeated test to each friend's expansion service.

Many friends will say, see a lot on the post bar and all kinds of BBS said outside the expansion will appear white apple crash wait for a phenomenon.

That is actually welder has a problem, because hard disk is need removal lon-izing high temperature of welding can be removed, but many of his peers to take the memory of time up to 5-10 minutes, in addition to the glue is the long time high temperature heating, because the mainboard inside is copper wire, heating time is too long, temperature along the mainboard internal heat conduction to the IC chip, which can lead to other IC at the bottom of the tin melting point, virtual welding

There are many rumors that apple will release the next version of the ios validation capacity, block memory upgrade? Lead to flash an error? Into bricks?

Since last memory upgrade services, they have not broken, the rumors, said 9.3 will be blocked, the official version 9.3 came out, all sorts of rumors, and only some of the people can't eat grape to say grape sour, then people eat, he also followed to eat fart dian dian, major maintenance of BBS such people everywhere!

Principle is to disassemble the machine, take down the original hard disk, copy the serial number to another new large capacity hard disk, and then installed!

So don't have to worry about any problem such as incompatible, serial number and IMEI will not change! Any damage to machine condition!

Helpful hints:

Also in the official warranty machine careful choice, after teardown, after-sales is not warranty!

Please backup important data before expansion, change after need to flash memory!

Have a lock card stick machine don't pick up! Down fall many times, the fuselage deformation, has a history of maintenance, fingerprint bad machines don't pick up!

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