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I'm sorry, I'm going to dig wild vegetables! I don't even eat cabbage!
Time:2016-04-09    Source:    Views:2498

See lanzhou citizens recently call price expensive to eat! Then, see a lot of people on the side of the road dug wild vegetables! To dig the ground is riddled with holes!

Food to eat, chili 1 catty 9, 10 is beans, garlic moss nine pieces, is even more than two pieces of Chinese cabbage turnip, 1 catty Onions are more than seven blocks, a kilo of garlic are more than eight blocks, also let people live not to live, only six wool much a kilo of corn, and workers salary to more than one thousand in January, so prices have who eat up! Farmers how to don't crop prices rise???? Ate three onion can rise year after year to the day price!!!!! Up don't say, you can also be rationally, darling ~ 12 dollars can buy three root Onions!!!!!! I what all don't say! You see by yourself!

So, the problem is here

Why you earn can also, but always feel very poor?

According to most of the family, the average person a month between 3000 ~ 4000, some families may be less than this, have the house do not need to pay the rent every month, the rent paid the rent, the rest of the few, every day is night to return to the days before liberation! If a child old man in the home, this life really is not happy! Especially a supermarket to come back, feel or 60 s life! The inability to feel, you understand? Spending on housing, electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal and other fees monthly expenses were higher than 200 yuan

Three meals a day is small but in life, but big cities a meal is not cheap. On average, Shanghai and Beijing are about 30 yuan, the lowest price of guangzhou is 21 yuan. In addition, milk, rice, eggs and other foods daily basic, guangzhou is the lowest price. But, I want to say is more expensive in lanzhou, ok? Even simple three beef noodle soup, a day to 21 dollars, it is still without meat, without food, without add eggs! What's more, which have eat three meals a day noodles life! Even if you take the cow big love!

Mountains to come to work, not in to work every day is on the way to work. Distance is far, to four hours back and forth, the somebody else all provinces we also in lanzhou in interregional! Take a friend to the airport a few days ago, he went to Beijing, ask we arrived home yet? I said is still on the road! The somebody else all from lanzhou to the capital, I still wandering around lanzhou city!

Traffic from Beijing, the road being Fried with Iraq, tired to work with the grandson, earn wages are less with the African refugees, but like a star, one by one to wear expensive to Manhattan.

Holiday to loiter stores like to see the concert, drinking wine and water, like a big money to buy things, like to pick up your card, take a taxi to ask grandpa, the number of private cars on the road like ants, food rise in price like April fool's day.

Ok, don't say, I'm going to dig wild vegetables! Say more are tears! I wanted to know how many people and I say! Shu thumb! I glanced at

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