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Profit is equal to the service, there is no profit, which come of service?
Time:2016-04-09    Source:    Views:2380

A story:

A beauty to buy meat clip buns, the boss said: "give me a, don't pepper, give I put some more meat, put, put, put, put some more..." , the boss looked up at her, "I'll give you a volume pig?"

Story 2:

There was once a salesman ask a boss: "there is a small plant on the market, the price is very low, it is difficult to deal with, what can I do?"

The boss asked, "since the factory so much, why has always been a small factory, but we are big?"

In fact, the low price in the market, usually just play the role of the "spoiler", the weaker, it is. In antagonistic competition, prices are often low price get upset even scared, but eventually at a low price is always high, even in the presence of high prices.

Where no profits support, after-sales service and constant innovation!

Customers have been think you, mission bargain, and I calculate the cost of materials, I find that I want to ask him:

Research and development costs you added?

The artificial cost plus?

The store cost plus?

The management cost plus?

Are you going after?

The quality assurance?

Service is the premise of profit,

Profit margins can be squeezed,

But it can't disappear,

Otherwise disappear along with profit and service.

Please don't blindly excessive demands,

Everyone has to survive,

You took away his survival space,

The service also disappeared.

Please respect every industry,

Each of them a dedication to service for you,

Also include our own!

If you repeatedly bargain, I'm sorry!

Sometimes we say to you: No,

Because we will to do every thing,

Not only is responsible for you,

More responsible for yourself!

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