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Microsoft Surface Book the ultimate laptop
Time:2016-04-09    Source:    Views:2077

Microsoft finally launched the ultimate laptop. It should be far more light and more powerful notebook products, there is no touch the real machine so can't use the most, but I also believe that it's in the notebook list is also in the top.

Surface Book 13.5 inch screen, screen ratio is 3:2, Microsoft hopes it with Surface Pro to keep the same proportion.

The weight is 1.5 KG, compared with the dual function of the tablet products, a bit heavy, but they all have no Surface performance of the Book is strong. And compare some Dell XPS even lenovo Yoga 3 Pro product also is not very appropriate, they are not the same category. For touch keyboard, engadget said: still can be compared with Microsoft's description of the skies, key rebound strength is weak, feel some sticky.

Keyboard parts of the hinge looks is a novel design, can press a button to remove the tablet, bracket with back part needs to be stuck when the keyboard.

Drawing process is not difficult, but I still take some time to learn to work personnel operation point of view.

The Verge argues that The design of The hinge is crazy, it can help you adapt to more perspective. And part of the screen is also very light, seize it and not feel tired.

This product also broke through the people for a Windows laptop touchpad harder to use, it USES up even a little bit like Macbook on the touchpad.

Keystrokes feeling strange, anyhow need to adapt to a period of time.

Mashable think the appearance of the product design is very have feel, response of the system is also very quickly, but in the use of 3 d graphics software a little bit of delay, but I heard that this machine can also drag two 4 k display device, even in an acceptable range.

Flat part after the access to the keyboard base is also very strong, will not feel shaky.

Basically, foreign media preliminary to fit all of the this product gave high evaluation, for me, it also has become an extremely want to experience new things.

But want to remind is, the price of this product is more expensive, of course, Microsoft does not want to sell it cheap. Lowest $1499 version, equipped with the sixth generation i5 processor, 128 gb SSD, and 8 gb of RAM. , of course, if you need to i7, 16 gb of RAM and 512 gb SSD with high version, need 2699 dollars, believe in domestic after will be more expensive.

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