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The latest release of huawei MateBook laptops
Time:2016-04-09    Source:    Views:2140

When you first saw the HUAWEI MateBook will also have such doubts? Too much like the evolution of the Pro version of the form! Have such doubt not surprising, because most of the products for business notebook now all want to walk and contracted, delicate route, this leads to a certain product similarity, but HUAWEI MateBook but to open new business, must have its unique sparkle.

HUAWEI MateBook fuselage by the whole piece of aviation aluminum after more than 60 procedure, using symmetric design without direction, not only appear texture, hardness and the fuselage both right and practical. At the same time, the round the edges and collocation of CNC grinding out of the borders, diamond cutting process will be soft and rigid organic unifies in together, better highlights the HUAWEI MateBook high-end positioning.

MateBook LOGO design as well as the overall design style, simple and low-key, just quiet is designed in the middle of the fuselage. Maintain consistent with the fuselage color matching huawei logo, not make public, actually, they more conducive to improve product's temperament.

"More than thin thin", as propaganda, HUAWEI MateBook performance really amazing, and the thickness of the 6.9 mm thickness of the fuselage is not thin. "More light than the light" is worthy of the name, although conform thickness on the Pro, but on the weight of HUAWEI MateBook is lighter than the Pro 73 g. The contrast, of course, also on the other hand, let us for its thin and has a more intuitive way.

In a notebook product, position of the screen is quite important, HUAWEI since MateBook brave to break into the red sea, the screen on the choice of the important components of course not stingy. In the popular PC market in 1080 p, a resolution of 2160 x 1440 IPS touchscreen presumably won't lag behind, just 12 inches seems slightly smaller, however, the display effect is very good, clear image quality is exquisite, can bring users excellent visual experience.

Is different from the traditional laptop, HUAWEI MateBook and have no fixed the keyboard, but have adopted similar to Microsoft SurfaceBook keyboard leather case design. HUAWEI MateBook keyboard holster design concise air, after the special craft processing, keyboard and case skillfully together, the keyboard leather touch to exquisite and smooth with strong wear-resisting performance, clever grain press is stylish and functional integration, at the same time, the keyboard can also be set to MateBook omni-directional protection.

Keyboard area at the core of the whole notebook equipment area, tend to be our focus. Here MateBook spill-resistant design is adopted, the user don't have to worry about accidentally spilled the water on the keyboard, so as to cause damage to the device itself, and the design does not see more in the same level products. In addition, the introduction of surface chocolate keyboard, with 1.5 mm short key travel, even if you work for a long time, also won't feel too tired. Keyboard, of course, automatic backlight function cannot little, since it can not only satisfy the users in the poor light in the environment of normal use, also make the product itself more cool!

As a laptop, HUAWEI MateBook seems also has its shortage of place, in order to beautiful, its fuselage has a charging interface and only a headphone/microphone interface, it seems a little bit. However, HUAWEI has considered this, portable docking station, shows the business connection ability is very convenient, it is connected to the fuselage through Type - C interface, HUAWEI MateBook will support HDMI, VGA, LAN, USB 3.0 interface, can be used to connect the projection, television sets, U disk and other external devices

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