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How to choose their own use of iPad
Time:2016-04-05    Source:    Views:2056
IPad models still in sales on the market many people confused--iPad mini and the iPad mini and iPad 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air Air 2. So iPad models too much which one to choose?
That doesn't include this year, Apple's new iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. Apple flat computer can by screen size classification, currently its price and size basic corresponds to: 12 inches iPad Pro price highest for 800 dollars (about collection Yuan 5089 Yuan), 10 inches iPad Air 2 (500 dollars, about collection Yuan 3180 Yuan) and iPad Air (400 dollars, about collection Yuan 2544 Yuan) belongs to mid-range products, minimum of iPad model--new released of iPad Mini 4 (400 dollars) and iPad mini 2 ($ 270, about 1717) belongs to the low-end products.
Cheap iPad iPad mini 2----models
IPad mini 2 is 2 years old, but still supported by new software (released September 16 iOS 9) and price its sales remained fairly stable.
Apple has two smaller iPad, mini 2 is a low-end product, the reason is simple: Configure an outdated processor (with iPhone 5S the same A7), do not Touch ID fingerprint sensor, camera specifications lower than higher-priced company of brothers. Its advantages are: Configuring the retina display and stereo speakers, a charge you can use 10 hours.
Like smaller iPad, not photographic work, not to play the latest games, does not run on the application of very high processing power requirements of users, the mini 2 can meet the requirements. It weighs just 0.75 pounds (0.34 kg), 7.5 mm thickness, in your hands is very comfortable, suitable for recreational purposes reading, watching movies and TV programs, reply to a few e-mail messages. Of course, the mini 2 not cannot be used in Office-and even have several sales supporting keyboard, but the screen size is too small and does not support multitasking (especially the latter) makes it unsuitable for use in the workplace.
IPad Mini 4----processing powerful portable iPad
For users wishing to purchase powerful processing capabilities of smaller size iPad, iPad Mini 4 can meet the requirements. As a follow-up to the much-maligned iPad mini 3 products, it has overcome all shortcomings predecessor: Configuring the iPhone 6 is the same as the A8 processor, 8 million megapixel rear camera, faster WiFi connection technologies (802.11ac), the Touch ID, a thinner body (6.1 mm) and lighter (0.65 points, 0.3 kilograms).
But the difference only. Based on iPad mini iPad Mini 4 3 design, battery life was 10 hours, screen resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels.
New software is also a factor to consider. IPad mini processor supports iOS 4 9 all task attributes--Slide Over, picture-in-picture and Split View, and Split View is the most attractive, enables users to simultaneously use two apps. For example, a user can put content in the Wikipedia article copy, paste to a Word document, and replying to e-mail while watching videos.
IPad Mini 4 has improved in other ways. 8 million pixels camera with autofocus and aperture than iPad mini 3,A8 Processor capable of running most of the graphics capabilities requiring a high level of the game.
All in all, iPad Mini 4 supports multitasking, could shoot great pictures, play the latest games. If you feel these attractive, that it is right to choose iPad Mini 4. If you like bigger screens, then choose on iPad level products.
A mini size iPad Air----2
IPad mini 2 similar to iPad Air is not a new product, both of which are published in 2013, hardware configuration can also illustrate this point: the Air is essentially a 10-inch version of the mini 2, both configured the same processor (A7), camera (5 million pixels) and retina display, even the battery life is the same-10 hours.
So which iPad mini iPad Air have 2 do not have features? Larger screen sizes, it is ideal for watching movies, viewing information, reading, playing casual games, however, it did not support multitasking. Mainly limited its outdated processor, unlike a Mini 4, iPad Air does not support iOS 9 Split View.
IPad Air not only at the lowest price of all models of iPad, and that could save its fate are lacking a capacity: excellent multitasking. If you willing to sacrifice performance for a larger screen size and features, then select Air; if you can accept a smaller screen size, wants to buy products worth, then select Mini 4.
IPad King of the Air 2----iPad
IPad Air 2 is still a great tablet, it was surprisingly thin (6 mm) and light (0.96 points, 0.44 kg), easy in these areas than other models of the iPad. Most importantly, it runs fast and is super fast. IPad Air A8X processor-2 configuration-less A9 processor Apple announced on September 9.
But this is just a surface phenomenon. IPad Air 2 10-inch color screen displays accurate, as with Mini 4 configuration after 8 million pixels camera. In addition, it also equipped with Touch sensor ID, battery life up to 10 hours. The point is, it supports iOS multi-task 9, including the Split View feature.
However, Air 2 also is not perfect. It configured the speakers are small, not as equipped as mini and Air 2 Mute/Rotation switch. However, both of these shortcomings are harmless.
Air 2 suitable for users with the following requirements: a good size screen, powerful processing and multitasking. But all of that is the cost of high price-$ 500 for money is not a problem user, Air 2 is the best iPad models.
IPad Pro----important iPad
IPad size maximum Air 2 is no longer Apple iPad models, iPad Pro will comfortably win the title, it's screen size is 12.9 inches, thickness of 6.9 mm, weight is up 1.57 points (0.71 kg), though slightly thinner than the first generation iPad, but weighs more than the former.
Explain Apple iPad Pro rationality of thickness and weight called "desktop" properties and characteristics. IPad Pro 2732 x 2048 pixels screen resolution, higher than any other type of iPad, configure the enhanced version of A9 processor--A9X. In addition, it also equipped with 4 speakers, Touch ID sensor, 8 million pixel camera, 802.11ac WiFi and LTE. Of course, it also supports multitasking.
Hardware configuration is only one aspect of the iPad Pro, its real value lies in Accessories--Smart Keyboar keyboard and Apple Pencil stylus.
Although configuration is powerful, but the iPad Pro is not suitable for all users. IPad Pro is the highest price of the iPad models start at $ 800. Larger screen sizes and weights its portability, not suitable for use on the subways and planes. Smart keyboard and Apple Pencil are expensive, compared with us $ 160 (about 1018) and US $ 100 (about 636 Yuan).
IPad Pro for specific markets: enterprises affected by similar products such as Microsoft Surface Pro users. This is not to say that iPad Pro is not suitable for the average user unless they can tolerate the disadvantages brought about by its huge screen, users must choose a more portable iPad model.
As said in the beginning, there is no perfect iPad. IPad Air 2 do not have Pro good speakers and a high speed processor; iPad Air be "get old." However, for some users, some iPad models more appropriate than other models. Like cheap iPad users can choose mini 2; like can be placed in the bag in the high performance of iPad users, you can select the iPad Air 2.

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