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iPhone models distinction
Time:2016-04-05    Source:    Views:10472
IPhoneSE (Special Edition) it is basically a 2013 release upgraded versions of the iPhone5s. Model Division

A1662 does not correspond to the Hong Kong carrier, A1723 the corresponding operators in Hong Kong 4, therefore, A1723 version for Hong Kong. Similarly, only A1530 and A1529 iPhone5s and 5C correspond to the area of Hong Kong, so he went to stores in Hong Kong would only buy that version and website tips does not support CDMA, so we can confirm that Hong Kong will only offer A1723 version.

2, network support and the corresponding operators

In the absence of cooperation or there is no CDMA network, the CDMA operator, former A1723 into all models GSM, iPhoneSE specifications for Apple abroad home page can be found in the following versions:

(1) A1662CDMA supports CDMA, GSM, FDD

(2) A1723GSM supports GSM and FDD and TD

(3) A1723CDMA support for CDMA, GSM and FDD and TD netcom.

First A1662 2G/3G/4G Telecom Unicom, mobile 2G, belonging to the Union. Use this version of the major carriers is Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile. V Edition (only to be bought in stores at full price) primary no lock, other operators version there is a lock. Network is three-Netcom, and v iPhone6 network support.

Is in need of attention, the American version of SIMFREE A1662 version, v Edition is no different from United States website, stores should also be on sale.

The second is A1723GSM, have chosen the version in most parts, as follows:

Hong Kong version support TD, but does not support CDMA (official website), so netizens want to buy warranties, support, telecommunications, non-iPhoneSE, Macao can be considered.

Taiwan, and Korea while CDMA operators, but had largely given up CDMA network, so Korean and Taiwan does not support CDMA.

The third is A1723CDMA, only China, the United States, Japan, and Macao have this version.

3, and derivative models

IPhoneSE will be divided into public A1732 Netcom and A1724 castration.

Public 4G Netcom, such as telecommunications and Unicom contract players, and mobile contract was castrated. Interchange of telecommunications by means of set-card separation does not return calls the sales contract, mobile mode lock has no solution.
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