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5SE iPhone conference! This apple is too hard
Time:2016-04-01    Source:    Views:1894
Apple in March 22nd at 1 o'clock in the United States held in the United States in the spring of this year's spring new conference, the most desirable than the recent period of time frequently boarded the new 4 inch mobile phone 5SE iPhone.


In accordance with the common sense, to the successor status appears as the 5SE iPhone will be fully succeed 5S iPhone after the listing, which will gradually stop the delisting.


But from the market analysis of the agency who broke the news, apple or 5SE iPhone 5S iPhone and will coexist with sales, but will make adjustments to the positioning of the two models.


Piper Jaffray & JP Morgan analysts have said that apple can be in after the launch of the iPhone 5SE reduce prices to continue selling the iPhone 5S, so that their products can include India, Brazil and Russia, such emerging markets seize greater market share.


In fact, similar practices in apple is not the first, as early as the iPhone 4S and updating the apple in most parts of the world to stop selling the phone models, will continue to sell it to some emerging market countries.


Currently, the industry predicted that the price of 5SE iPhone is about $450, while the future of 5S iPhone or will be able to cut prices to 250-350 U.S. dollars between sales.


It is worth noting that, after the news that apple is how to let the Indians buy more iPhone and distressed. In this regard, the news broke that Apple plans to sell second-hand iPhone to India to pull the low purchase threshold. But combined with today's news, it is clear that a cheaper new 5S iPhone will be more willing to accept

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