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Lanzhou Jin Xin notebook repair chain four anniversary Thanksgiving
Time:2016-03-13    Source:    Views:2549

Lanzhou Jinxin laptop repair chain since April 2012 6, since the founding of the first Jinxin staff, accompany me together together, to struggle together, to because of you, Jinxin can adhere to the present, and have the confidence to do better!


Again thank. Thank Jinxin customers and friends, thank you to my trust and support, and give me the more close friends, let me know more friends and get the trust and recognition of more friends!


Feedback, is also the anniversary of one of the purposes, during the anniversary activities 2016.3.15---2016.4.30. All the new and old customers and shopping all have good polite you bask.


Four years, for us is a small celebration, we put the anniversary as a new starting point, want to have new beyond, there is greater development.


Four years, one thousand four hundred and sixty days, every day we are in progress. Trust us, we'll do better! Because we firmly believe that: hard to pay, there is always love in return! Thanksgiving feedback, the real return. Lanzhou Jin Xin notebook repair chain staff prepared for you a rich, delicate and more preferential activities, waiting for you!


Lenovo SL700 series of activities during the solid-state 120GB hard disk upgrade only 319 yuan


The same product is not the same price, not the same service. Online to sell 329 of the hard disk, in our Lanzhou Jin Xin notebook repair chain is only 318, that is, three hundred and eighteen yuan. And the three hundred and eighteen yuan which also includes: hard disk installation, the whole dust, system installation.


The idea of a friend to pick up the phone in the hands of ordering it.

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Addr:Jinxin maintenance, no.1-191, Wanshang international computer digital port, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province  Tel:0931-8699388    
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