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Hi purchase season Lenovo ultra multi model heavy hit
Time:2016-03-11    Source:    Views:1941

Play the most happy thing is to show off your own bitterness, this time can let a drag and cards and slow computer. Be safe, you need a new high performance game originally for you.

As a tough new y soul masterpiece, Lenovo Y700 equipped with the latest Intel sixth generation processor, match game for NVIDIA GTX 960m, players strive to create Hangyunliushui like game experience.

In addition to Y700 games like this, and Lenovo -14 the Savior of the high cost of the game. As -14 using Intel sixth generation i7 processor +NVIDIA GTX960M graphics card game level configuration.

Lenovo high price models Shinchan 700 and ideapad 700 will be daily life in a good choice, rich handsome can be used to games with five killed and soft cute sister can be used to study the theater after Obama, a full range to college students living and entertaining. Configuration scheme of i5 processor, 2GB memory NVIDIA GTX950M graphics let you in daily learning at the same time, to get fun gaming entertainment experience. The pursuit of large screen visual experience, students can choose the new 700, and ideapad 700 can meet the demand of the portable light.

And for the girls on campus, the most happy Mo too can finally get rid of heavy winter clothes, with a body thin and colorful image of the goddess show. But how can the goddess light clothes, IT equipment to keep up with the pace!

The new Lenovo I2000, S41-70 these two machines can no doubt for your goddess Image Icing on the cake. To the light to the thin body so that both the whims of lively female man or adorable cute soft sister paper can easily control. Fashion, colorful Shinchan i2000 equipped with Intel i7 processors s41-70 configuration is i5 processor, two all can let you easily catch play good spike goods.

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