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MSI's latest release of a variety of game PC products
Time:2016-03-10    Source:    Views:1883

The first stage of the GS40 phantom gaming laptop, this ultra thin 14 inch gaming laptop brings power full-size desktop, although body thickness 0.87 "(2.2 cm), 375 pounds weight (1.7 kg), it is built Intel SKYLAKE micro architecture CPU and NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics

Followed by GT72S Tobii it is ever since the first integrated eye tracking technology of PC, this technique is provided by the Swedish company Tobii, it supports thousands of prospective development ideas, game characters and environment will according to the user's eyes and change, also support to windows 10 built-in windows Hello login function.

MSI launched Stealth Pro GT72 notebook computers, it is an upgraded version of the Stealth Pro GT70, this 17 inch pen power using 4K display, the body thickness of 0.78 (2 cm).

MSI also released WS72 workstation notebook computer, uses the latest Intel Xeon processor, the laptop has been through the AutoCAD, Solidworks, Maya and Revit and other professional software certification.

MSI launched Vortex Gaming Tower cylindrical compact desktop game PC, built on a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, with an easy to upgrade the design, allows users to expand the hardware equipment.

MSI finally launched the gaming 27XT game one computer, using a 27 inch 1080p display, support 144hz refresh rate, in the back of the display case integrated a external graphics, and the famous killer NIC.

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