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DELL's new stunning 4K screen alien laptop debut
Time:2016-03-10    Source:    Views:2197

DELL alien series gaming notebook also ushered in the CES2015 conference, the upgraded Alienware 15 and 17 series are officially released.

The new Alienware 15, 17 series of games, with the optional AMD Radeon R9 200X Nvidia, or GTX 900M. Like today has just released the Dell XPS 13 super the same, Alienware 15 also uses the 15.6-inch 4K high-definition screen, resolution reached 3840 x 2160, the highest brightness for 350 nits. However, Alienware 17 is not such a good treatment.

But unfortunately, the two alien laptops in CPU but there is no change, is still the Haswell architecture i7-4980HQ. With this Intel suck on, after all, just released the 14nm Broadwell series are currently low power products, no high performance products to meet us. In addition, the two alien laptops are using the highest DDR3 16GB memory; M.2 512GB solid state hard disk; 1TB mechanical hard disk; Killer wireless AC network card; Bluetooth 4, etc..

In addition to the improvement of the configuration, the new Alienware 15, 17 in the body thickness is reduced by 20%, often with them back and forth to the user should be able to deeply feel this change. In addition, Alienware 15 and 17 also added support for Alienware graphics amplifier (amplifier) peripherals, allowing the user to desktop graphics card is connected to the laptop aliens, the 4K high-definition smooth game will be very necessary. Previously, the peripheral only supports Alienware 13 series.

Alienware 15

Alienware 17

Price, the price of the new Alienware 15 from the sale price of $1199 (about 7445 yuan), while the price of Alienware 17 is $1499 (about 9308 yuan).

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