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Your Current Location:Home > Case > Hardware maintenance > Acer 4752G notebook boot white screen repair
Case Name:Acer 4752G notebook boot white screen repair
Case Detailed:
cer 4752G notebook boot white screen, external display normal display
Received such a failure of the first machine to replace the LCD screen, the fault is still
The next test LCD screen, the main power supply, 3.3V normal
LVDS signal playing LCD motherboard connection resistance
Sure enough, there is a short circuit, then the demolition of the machine part of the detection
(this time can guess the screen line or motherboard problem)
Remove motherboard play value
That screen line interface 20 feet and 23 feet resistance is very low, close to the ground
So check the drawings are LVDSA_DATA1_R and LVDSA_DATA0_R signal
Because of this machine because there are independent graphics cards are not good to determine the graphics card problem or PCH
So according to the drawings and physical contrast RN9408 installation of the original, RN9401 did not install the original
So judge LVDSA_DATA1_R and LVDSA_DATA0_R signal from the PCH
Remove the PCH again, the resistance is infinite, is it the problem
Then replace the new PCH chip up
Light machine, then direct loading machine
(due to disassemble with their own test screen test before is not the replacement of the original machine screen)
Installed after the tragedy occurred, the original screen is still white screen
The original machine screen really burned out repeated testing
This time my heart was cold half
PCH and LCD screen and burn
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Addr:Jinxin maintenance, no.1-191, Wanshang international computer digital port, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province  Tel:0931-8699388    
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