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THINKPAD notebook boot ERROR FAN fan error reporting
Time:2016-03-10    Source:www.lznbwx.com    Views:3844
THINKPAD notebook boot ERROR FAN fan error reporting
Fault phenomenon: ThinkPad notebook computers (including X series, T series, R Series) in use after a period of time, often appear: boot had not yet come into the operating system, fan error, then the machine automatically shutdown, reboot may malfunction persists, may no longer misstatement in the operating system.
Fault: ThinkPad notebook computer inside an embedded MCU (H8), also called EC chip, management, detection and dealing with inside the notebook computer hardware working condition, and according to the notebook internal graphics card, CPU, motherboard and other temperature sensor detects the temperature and control notebook cooling fan is rotating speed and to ensure the best cooling effect in energy conservation. The EC chip (embedded microcontroller H8) in each notebook computer boot, to detect the cooling fan is working properly, so in the THINKPAD boot, careful users will find the internal cooling fan speed will be faster, stop and turn around after a few seconds, whether this process is the EC chip and the maximum speed of rotation whether it meets the requirements in the detection of the cooling fan; if the EC chip does not detect rotating fan, or the maximum speed of cooling fan rotation speed is lower than the highest EC chip program set, will determine the cooling fan has a problem, "display on the computer screen FAN ERROR, automatically turn off the laptop power supply.
Principle to understand, the fault is also a good deal, resulting in a report ERROR FAN reasons are divided into two categories:
1, the cooling fan does not turn (A, fan motor is bad; B, the motherboard to the fan power supply is not; C, the fan is foreign matter or dust card dead)
2, speed is not enough: (A, dust is too much; B, fan motor oil bearing wear serious)
By turning on the sound of the fan and the component of the air outlet, the fan can be roughly judged whether or not a foreign body is stuck when the fan rotates.
If it is dust or foreign matter caused by the fan fault, customers can try to clean up the fan
Hands on ability of customers, you can try to remove the keyboard, you can see the fan, you can visually check whether the dust is too much, there is a foreign body stuck.

Other problems: such as fan motor damage, motherboard power supply is not, the motor bearing excessive wear, you will need to replace the fan assembly or repair circuit; customers can directly contact our Lanzhou Jinxin repair chain customer service, agreed a good time to store maintenance

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